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Cambodia Surrogacy Clinic, is part of the ‘Become Parents Group’ which the world's leading ‘Ethical Surrogacy Agency’. We are based out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The parent company 'Become Parents' was established in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then it has been helping desirous couples and to-date it has aided more than 600+ couples realize their dreams via IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donation.

We arrange only Altrustic surrogacy arrangements for our IPs and our main objective is to make your ‘surrogacy journey’ hassle-free and emotionally rewarding. In order to do so, we provide guidance and support to the Intended Parents (IP) throughout the process, starting from the initial inquiry up until they take the baby home! Being former IPs, we know how expensive Surrogacy procedure can amount to.

This is the reason our Agency offers an economical all inclusive package with the best possible service. All our surrogates and donors are from Cambodia and are legally pre-screened and counselled. Cambodia has recently seen many new IVF clinics that have opened in the capital city.  

We have partnered with some of the most Elite IVF clinics in Phnom Penh who have done exceptionally well in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy. Our main office is located in the heart of the city and we are branches in 5 countries ( Bangkok, Mumbai, Barcelona, Melbourne, LA and Tel Aviv).

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What You Should Know

About Us

Cambodia Surrogacy Clinic is a ‘start-to-end’ Surrogacy Agency based in Phenom Penh.We work with the leading IVF clinic in here that provide couples with the option of starting a family through ART and Surrogacy. We are the oldest Surrogacy agency of Cambodia and have been in business since 2007.

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Why Choose Us

We at Cambodia Surrogacy believe that price alone should not be the only reason why you would choose a particular agency. Its always a combination of range of factors that will determine choosing one agency above another.Our Agency fees are considerably less than comparable surrogacy agencies in the industry.

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Our Surrogates

Our surrogates are screened at both medical and psychological levels. We tend to recruit surrogates how are in the range of 25-35 years of age. Apart from that all surrogates have had normal pregnancies in the past.We also involve the surrogate’s family so that there is emotional support for them from their families.

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Legal Aspects

The practice of Surrogacy has been part of the Cambodian society for many centuries. After the Thai government banned Surrogacy in Thailand, Cambodia has emmerged as the leading destination for Surrogacy in South East Asia. We have had more than 7 pregnancies since 2014.

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Our Services

Same Sex Parenting

Working with a gay couple is no different and their personal decision is as favored as any other straight couple’s.

Caucasian Egg Donor

We have a huge database of Donors, we will do our best to match an EGG DONOR that matches your expectations.

Gay surrogacy

Cambodia has now emerged as the ideal destination for same sex parents and probably cost effective as well.

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