International Surrogacy

Surrogacy has come up as a best alternative for all those couples who either can’t bear a child themselves, or decided not to do that for their own random reasons. A Surrogate mother here plays the role of a carrier and bears the child for the Intended parents in return to an agreed compensation or other benefits.

International Surrogacy comes as a Surrogacy arrangement where the Intended parents look for a Surrogate mother from a different country altogether. Moreover, surrogacy arrangements are of two types; altruistic Surrogacy arrangement and Commercial surrogacy arrangement. Altruistic Surrogacy is a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother would receive a monetary compensation in return to the surrogacy services provided as per the legal agreement between her and the Intended parents.

Commercial surrogacy, on the other hand, is an arrangement where the surrogate mother would be making certain amount of profits after taking care of all the legal and medical expenses.

Certain challenges with International Surrogacy Arrangement

  • There are times when the intended parents faces issues while filing application for the legal parenthood of their child.
  • In this kind of Surrogacy arrangement, the child which gets the birth would still be regarded as ‘Stateless”.
  • The parents would then be facing multiple challenges while applying for the immigration process for the child
  • International surrogacy arrangement carries a number of legal implications to take care for

Although the Intended parents look forward to the International surrogacy arrangement, it all depends on the type of Surrogacy agency you will be dealing with in the process.

Why Cambodia surrogacy is best for International Surrogacy arrangements?

At, Cambodia surrogacy, we have partnered along with one of the best Surrogacy agencies around the world to ensure presenting only the best and healthiest surrogates on board for our valuable clients around the world. Moreover, we first screen them for any type of health or Psychological issues. We also make sure that the surrogate must be sharing the same ethical, moral and social values while possessing all the qualities which you would like to be reflected on your future child.