Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) by Cambodia Surrogacy

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) comes as the best checks in order to diagnose any sort of genetic defects or chromosomal deficiencies in the Embryos. The Diagnosis can also be used further to ascertain the overall quality of the Embryo in terms of any type of genetic issues or problems associated with it during its development process in the IVF cycle. This Diagnosis also ascertains the genetic evaluation of an embryo which brings on clarity about Embryo collection of chromosomes along with their count in the Embryo.

Whilst using this process, Doctors can further confirms about any sort of defect or deficiency present in the genes which are feared to be transferred to the embryo produced and developed during the IVF treatment and therefore taking any required measures to stop its growth in the coming times.

Why PGD Treatment is very significant during the IVF Treatment?

  • diagnosing the presence of any sort of health issues in women been through Numerous IVF treatments
  • PGD comes as a boon for women which have gone through multiple Miscarriages
  • Best available option for checking any sort of fertility issues in Mid aged women
  • Greta option for Women which have been through a number of embryo transfers without attaining pregnancy.
  • All those Women which have experienced troubled genetic and chromosomal count during their pregnancy period can get relief from PGD.
  • PGD also comes good for all the women with single gene mutations as this can caused great damage to the health of the future child if didn’t attended on time
  • PGD can also help you in treating certain genetic disorders and chromosomal defects which may cause issues for women during her pregnancy journey.
  • PGD assist and support the overall pre- implantation of embryo into woman’s uterus and also ensure the delivery of child in the safest manner possible.
  • PGD would also ensure that the child, who is getting the birth, will be coming without any genetic defects and health issues.
  • It can also help you big time in ascertaining and eliminating any sort of issues or defects in the parental genes.

Why you must choose Cambodia Surrogacy for PGD?

At Cambodia Surrogacy, we always ensure of delivering the most advanced and efficient PGD services for our valuable clients around the world .Moreover, we have partnered along with one of the most elite IVF clinics around the world and while helping more than 600 couples across the globe. You can always stay ensure of getting only the most advanced and state of the art treatment facilities on board for your purpose.