Why Choose Us

While we understand that planning a surrogacy comes over as a big challenge for both the Intended parents, the preceding time of planning for the same in the time to come is a bigger aspect altogether. That’s where Cambodia Surrogacy comes as the best solution for all the Intended parents in accordance to their specifications and expectations at the same time.

On the other hand, we get along with your Surrogacy journey with the search of a good surrogate, choosing the egg donor, taking care of the full Itinerary, picking the best physician on board and bringing only the right and the best legal methodologies alongside. Still, if there’s one question that we come through on most of the instances from our clients, it is “how we screen our surrogates “?

The Screening process of the Surrogates

We always ensure putting all the surrogates through intense Medical and Psychological tests before selecting them for further proceedings. Moreover, once you are done with the surrogate selection, you are then required to travel along to meet up with the Surrogate mother. This is where our “ End to End “ delivery comes into picture where we cover up all the aspects in relation to the legal implications along with the Logistical arrangement.

While we understand the fact that the Surrogacy journey often comes as a emotional and stressful journey for you being an Intended parent, we always takes care of the same with our customized surrogacy arrangement in accordance to our client’s requirements.

You will always find us at your side

At Cambodia Surrogacy, we are always committed to deliver only the best IVF treatment and Surrogacy arrangements forward with the help of our partnered IVF clinics across Phnom Penh.

Top Notch services within your budget – At Cambodia Surrogacy, we always go by our word of delivering better-quality matches along with great customer service without going high on your Budget.

Locally based Office- With our office being located at the heart of the city Phnom Penh, we feel proud in calling us the local brand with a Global Presence. Our big list of local Elite partner clinics helps us in maintaining the same legacy over the years

Working with best Industry Professionals- You will get along with the best medical, psychological, insurance, financial and legal professionals across the globe as a part of your Surrogacy journey.

Top quality Surrogates – all our surrogates at Cambodia surrogacy goes through extensive Psychological and Medical tests before getting along with your surrogacy Journey.

Picking your requirements- Our process of selecting the best surrogate starts with getting a thorough look at all of your expected requirements from the surrogate in terms of Social, moral and ethical values and get along in the same direction.

Other Background checks- After getting through with the above mentioned checks; we follow the process of going ahead with the checking of the Social background of the Surrogate before proceeding further.

Industry based Knowledge- The Director of Surrogacy Kenya is backed by extensive educational background and perfect business acumen to ensure only the best IVF treatment and Surrogacy arrangement for our valuable clients while using proven business Methodologies.