Thai & Caucasian Egg Donors

Thai and Caucasian Egg donors services by Cambodia Surrogacy

Although IVF has solved the infertility problems of thousands of couples around the world, there are some many around which haven’t found it unhelpful for their cause. All such couples have generally opted for Egg donation services in order to make their Parenting dreams realized. Moreover, the demands for Thai and Caucasian Egg donors have increased in the past few years due to their high quality and fertility aspect.

Why one should go for Egg donation services?

An egg donation service comes as the best alternative for all the women with the issues like:

  • decreased ovarian reserve
  • Premature menopause concern
  • Intended parents carrying any sort of health issue and don’t want to give it to their child

Moreover, the whole process of searching an egg donor is quite time consuming and an Egg donor, has to go through a number of medical tests and Diagnosis. The purpose of screening the egg donor here is to ensure that she is away from any kind of health issues. On the other hand, the female partner also needs to go through a detailed health screening along with much other diagnosis just to ensure that she is coming on board without any kind of health problems. This then gets followed by a list of Medical and professional counseling sessions which is often found very helpful for all the people who are looking around for the Egg donation services.

Why choose Cambodia Surrogacy for egg donation services?

We at Cambodia Surrogacy are known for bringing only the best Thai and Caucasian Egg donors on board for our valued clients across the globe. It is then up to our clients to pick the best one for the purpose accordingly and while we understand that you will only go forward to take the Egg donation services after getting sure of the background and Health evaluation of the available donor list.

This is the reason why we keep all the aspects like character, backdrop, and aptitude of the egg donor in mind while getting on board with the best profiles. This gets supported by our high end medical expertise and years of experience in the same field which allow us to evaluate each and every Egg donor profile before letting it come to you.
We have partnered along with some of the most elite IVF clinics and surrogacy specialists across Cambodia and abroad and ensure only the best and most trusted IVF and surrogacy services to our clients across the globe.